I <3 Bending!

Welcome to the Bendy Cult — fitness and flexibility training by contortionist showgirl and professional bender, Kara Nova — that’s me! Check out my offerings below, sign up for a class, and allow me to safely guide you on your own bendy journey!


Classes have made me pay more attention to what my body is doing and needs to do to properly get into different shapes.

Katie Sin

I started taking Kara Nova’s stretch classes about one year ago. Every time I’ve taken her classes, I not only feel better afterwards, but something new always clicks with me that I can use when I stretch on my own.

Katie Sin

Kara is an amazing instructor. I feel myself improving and getting comfortable with the technique after every class.


Honestly you’ve revolutionized the entire way I dance.


Classes & Workshops

“Welcome to the stage, Kara Nova!”

With more than a decade of experience under her sparkly belt, Kara Nova has been training and performing circus arts since 2010. She has trained at SF Circus Center with Masters Lu Yi and Xia Kemin, with Mongolian contortion coach Serchmaa Byamba, and with master trainers Micah Walters and Domink Wyss. Her bendy acts have been featured on stage with Hubba Hubba Revue, Vau de Vire Society, The Traveling Spectacular, and within a multiverse of parties and special events. Kara also debuted her own theatre production, The Super Nova Circus & Variety Show, in 2019.

As a teacher, Kara is grateful to pass the torch to her students, sharing techniques and traditions of the circus and performance world. Specializing in advanced flexibility and contortion, her own routine is a grounding ritual, stretching away the stress through regular practice. Whether an aspiring performance artist, or seeking to develop a stronger mind-body-soul connection, Kara is happy to initiate you into her Bendy Cult.


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